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5 Networking Tips for Introverts: What to Do When the Small Talk Runs Out

Attending a networking event always reminds me of the “Winter Wonderland Ball:, my first dance in middle school. I approached

Five Tricks that Turned this Introvert into a Master at Networking Events

I have struggled with being an introvert all of my life.  Yet most people who meet me in a networking

Overqualified? I’m Your Best Candidate!

Have you been told that you’re overqualified for a position when you’re the perfect fit? Recently, I wrote an article,

Does Creating Your Personal Career Brand Make You Want to Cringe?

  Would you rather eat a worm than create a personal career brand? In reality, developing a personal careerbrand  doesn’t

Why Don’t They Call Me? Is Something Wrong?

In a word, “yes”. There may be two reasons that employers aren’t calling you even though you have the qualifications.

My First Group Interview: What a Shocker!

I can still remember my first interview.  I was competing for one of four secondary school residencies offered in Florida. 

Dance to Your Heart Song!

Passion!  Passion for life, passion for work, passion for service, passion for others!  Passion is your life force and when

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“Overqualified?” How Simply Delightful!

    “I’m concerned that you’re overqualified for this position.”  Too many of my mid-life job seeking clients have heard

Is your Career Marketing Plan Working for you? Reach out and touch someone!

  The Marketing Industry has long recognized the importance of “Touches.” Touches are the number of contacts with an individual

Build an Accomplishment-Based Resume that Demonstrates Your Skills and Sets the Stage for a Successful Interview. Part 2

Knowing your skills is only the first step to an accomplished-based resume that will get an employer’s attention. Accomplishment-based resumes