What is personal career branding?

Personal Branding has been referred to as Self-packaging.  It’s capturing the personal and professional qualities that employers seek and embracing them as your own. It conveys the unique marketable skills and knowledge that you possess into a neat package that makes your qualifications memorable.

Let’s look at an example from Madison Avenue.

Several years ago, a Madison Avenue Marketing Firm was hired to market a car with nothing to differentiate it from others in its class. Worse yet, it was associated with an automaker with an unremarkable track record. So what did they do?

First they researched the market and found that buyers were dissatisfied with the customer service provided by other auto-makers. Based on their research, they built a brand around the personal pride their employees took in each car.  They were not promoting the car.  Instead they promoted the extra lengths their employees made to provide exceptional, even unexpected service.  Outstanding customer service became their brand.

What can we learn from this example about branding that is important to your job search?

  • Just as the brand I just mentioned above, it distinguishes you from your competition with a memorable “hook”.
  • Research is essential to establishing a brand that is uniquely you.
  • Your brand conveys your value to employer and elevates you from a common commodity to a must-have  service or benefit,
  • Your brand lowers barriers to hiring by conveying your value in a concise and memorable package,
  • Your brand creates a lasting image, for contacts, recruiters and hiring decision makers.

What’s your brand?  If it isn’t compelling, you are lacking an essential part of your job seeking tool kit. So what goes into your brand?  Watch for my next post to learn the essential components to include in your personal brand.

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Excellent article! Great example using the car story and how it relates to career management and those that are self-employed.

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