Control the things you can.  Quit obsessing over the bad news.  Yes, the economy is a mess, the job market has gone underground, and opportunities in your field are limited.

These are things you cannot control:  Now here are a few things you can.

  • You can control your reactions…the job search has been described as a series of rejections followed by a Yes!  Don’t give up before you reap the rewards.
  • You can control the ROI on your investments of time and effort by crafting a personal brand and marketing campaign.
  • You can choose to expand your job search by opening yourself to opportunities in other fields, industries, or locations

Find you Gremlin and “and kick it’s little butt! Your Gremlin is that little guy who whispers all of those ego-deflating “words of wisdom” in your ear.  You’ve heard his messages.  “What makes you think you can get a job in this market?”  “You’ve been unemployed for over a year…why even bother? “  “You’re too old.  Nobody will hire you.”

Give your Gremlin the boot!  Replace those negative messages with positive affirmations:

  • I can get a job in this market; I can be the best-prepared candidate in the   pack.  Better yet, I can be the best candidate before the competition even  knows there’s a job to be had.
  • Being unemployed for over a year is not a stigma in this job market.  I can use this time to brush up on my skills, or keep them current by taking courses, keeping up on my professional reading, and participating in professional associations
  • Ageism is a fact, but I can learn the underlying concerns of employers and counteract them.  Better yet, I can present the “advantages” the employer will gain because of my experience.  My generation has the  “soft” skills that employers consistently rate as the top qualities they seek in employees.

Home alone?  Isolation only creates more Isolation.

In times of stress, many of us choose to self-isolate.  This is not a good idea.  If you’re depressed, you’re not going to feel any better by hanging out with yourself.  Try some of these tips.

  • Make time for connecting with others.
  • Join a job search group.
  • Take your laptop and work at the coffee shop or bookstore, take a yoga class or go to the gym.
  • Choose your friends carefully… look for people with a positive outlook.  People who will inspire you to keep going..
  • Find a job search buddy and meet for breakfast.  Just connect!

These are just a few of the actions you can take to get unstuck.  Remember that even in the worst job markets, the best-prepared candidates still find jobs.

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