*Many of you are working extremely hard to reach your career goals with little success. Maybe this is the time to try another approach.  Try some of these powerful ways to manifest success in your career goals.

  1. Define your ideal career.  Visualize each detail:  What are you doing?  In what setting?  Who would you work with?  Is it consistent with your passions?  Often professionals such as athletes improve their performance by the use of visualization.
  2. Attract the results you most desire.  According to the Law of Attraction, if you are observant, committed and have faith in the results you want, you will manifest what you desire in your life.  The more you focus on what you want and only what you want, the means to gain your desired results will follow.
  3. Take time each day to reduce stress:  Meditation, yoga, deep conscious breathing, exercise or reading a good book.  All are good methods for reducing stress related to your job search or career transition.
  4. Recognize and celebrate your unique strengths and talents every day.  Promote them to contacts and champions for you career goals.  If you have difficulty identifying your strengths and talents, write your career story:  Look for similarities in your past accomplishments to laser in on your assets.
  5. Embrace an attitude of gratitude.  Thank your higher power for your blessings. The more you are grateful for the gifts in your life, the more you will manifest the career opportunities you most seek.  Recognizing and appreciating your life’s blessings is a powerful force for attracting more blessings.

Celebrate yourself, your present life and the life yet to come.


Certified Career Management Coach

Career Windows


Dr. Owen’s passion is to inspire experienced professionals to realize their unique passions and qualifications, and provide them with strength, resources, and strategies to achieve their job search or career transition.

She has extensive experience helping individuals actualize their career/life dreams in the higher education, nonprofit and for profit sectors.  She is dedicated to personal authenticity and work-life balance.  She has helped hundreds of individuals discover and actualize their ideal careers by guiding them through the career transition process and job search campaign.  People describe her as empathetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, authentic, centered, and dedicated to helping others achieve personal fulfillment in life and work.

With PhD in Higher Education and an MS in Counseling from The Florida University, She has served on the boards of several national Career Development Organizations, presented nationally, and been recognized for her innovative approach to collaboration and partnerships that serve her clients.

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