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Have you been told that you’re overqualified for a position when you’re the perfect fit? Recently, I wrote an article,

    “I’m concerned that you’re overqualified for this position.”  Too many of my mid-life job seeking clients have heard

Employers are looking for employees that have the specific skills sets required for a position.  The best way to demonstrate

Many people who want to transition from their current career to a new job or career field have put their

Boomers’ resumes have changed over the last two years. In the past experts advised including all of your qualifications on

What is a Gremlin? He or she is the one that whispers negative messages in your ear:  “You’re too old,

Control the things you can.  Quit obsessing over the bad news.  Yes, the economy is a mess, the job market

Women Job Seeking Squirrels: An Apology

Dumont | April 7th, 2011

I recently posted an article entitled “Are you as Courageous as a Baby Squirrel”? Many readers sent in very thoughtful

One of my clients asked me today what it means when an employer expresses concern that you’re overqualified. The answer

For experienced professionals, one of the most dreaded questions is “What are your salary expectations?” 
There is a lot of

If you haven’t conducted a job search in the last few years, the rules are very different.  Although interviews come

By the time many of my clients reach 50 or above they have experienced a lay-off, extended unemployment, intermittent work

It takes courage and the willingness to accept responsibility to succeed in today’s job market. For many of us, this

The job search has been described as a series of “no’s” followed by a “yes”.  In other words, rejection is

You may have the greatest 30-second elevator speech in the world, but it’s how and when you use your this

What is personal career branding? Personal Branding has been referred to as Self-packaging.  It’s capturing the personal and professional qualities

My experienced clients often have questions regarding the best tools to address issues unique to the 50+ Job Seeker.  Many