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My First Group Interview: What a Shocker!

Dumont | November 20th, 2012

I can still remember my first interview.  I was competing for one of four secondary school residencies offered in Florida. 

    “I’m concerned that you’re overqualified for this position.”  Too many of my mid-life job seeking clients have heard

Employers are looking for employees that have the specific skills sets required for a position.  The best way to demonstrate

Each interview is different but almost all will ask these questions in some form.  This article describes five difficult questions

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when faced with a long term  job search.  Most job seekers experience times when their

When I was directing a career center, one of the most common complaints I heard from recruiters was that the

In past articles I have evangelized the necessity of being the best prepared candidate to land the job.  The second

Is Your Curb Appeal Losing you Job Offers?

Dumont | April 17th, 2011

Are you dressed appropriately?  No not your Sunday best, dress for the job you want. Do you arrive a few

For experienced professionals, one of the most dreaded questions is “What are your salary expectations?” 
There is a lot of

If you haven’t conducted a job search in the last few years, the rules are very different.  Although interviews come

Here are a few interview ‘gaffs’ that can cost you the job. You didn’t ask for the job.  Recruiters are

What salary are you seeking (or how much did you make at your last job)? What is the best time

Behavioral interviews are often dreaded by job seekers but they present you with the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities in