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Attending a networking event always reminds me of the “Winter Wonderland Ball:, my first dance in middle school. I approached

Knowing your skills is only the first step to an accomplished-based resume that will get an employer’s attention. Accomplishment-based resumes

Employers are looking for employees that have the specific skills sets required for a position.  The best way to demonstrate

Boomers’ resumes have changed over the last two years. In the past experts advised including all of your qualifications on

Recent national surveys identify networking as the single most effective strategy for professionals currently considering a career change. A recent

New Trends in Resumes

Dumont | August 12th, 2011

The rules for writing resumes keep changing.  It is of vital  importance to keep up with the tools of your

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Long-term unemployment often results in negative emotions that can hinder your job search.  Recognizing these self-defeating thoughts is the first

Pop Quiz: What is the sole function of resume? To get an interview. How many resumes do you need?  You

How is it that even when the times get really tough in the job market, there are always individuals who

Many employers require electronic applications.  The following quiz will help you measure  your strategy for preparation for this this type

To build an effective job search, you will need to master the art of business correspondence.  The tips below are

If you haven’t conducted a job search in the last few years, the rules are very different.  Although interviews come

Even in the worst economies, the best-prepared candidates still get jobs.  Are you prepared for success?  Take this quiz to

The recession has had a devastating effect on salaries and hiring rates for both men and women.  Evidence, however, indicates

Step-By-Step Guide To Researching Careers

Dumont | February 7th, 2011

Every once in awhile, I find an article by another career expert that says it all.  This week’s guest author

What salary are you seeking (or how much did you make at your last job)? What is the best time

Behavioral interviews are often dreaded by job seekers but they present you with the opportunity to demonstrate your capabilities in

Tough Interview Question Two: What one characteristic is your greatest strength? Many of my clients feel uncomfortable with this question.

Maintaining your job search momentum is particularly difficult during an extended job search.  Below are five tips to help you

You may have the greatest 30-second elevator speech in the world, but it’s how and when you use your this

What is personal career branding? Personal Branding has been referred to as Self-packaging.  It’s capturing the personal and professional qualities

Are You as Courageous as a Baby Squirrel?

Dumont | November 20th, 2010

I watched a baby squirrel the other day as he learned to navigate trees.  He carefully tested each branch to

My experienced clients often have questions regarding the best tools to address issues unique to the 50+ Job Seeker.  Many

The New Rules for Successful Resumes

Dumont | December 20th, 2014

If you haven’t conducted a job search in the last two years or longer.  Review the following tips and create